about us and our work

Tony Sease, founder of Civitech, has assisted municipalities, private sector developers, academic institutions, foundations, land owners, and others across the country and internationally. Further details of Sease's experience are included below.

Civitech assists clients through various phases of planning and design including: complex political and regulatory approvals processes; yield studies and urban design analyses; charrette planning and facilitation; complex infrastructure and site development processes; and long-term planning and development. Our value to client's and to project outcomes is confirmed by our many repeat clients, some of whom have retained us for well over a decade.
Where we've worked:
A geographic sampling of our projects shows the diversity of our work across various regions of the country and across very different contexts, from small towns to the largest cities.

Anthony M. Sease, PhD, PE, RA

As a civil engineer and a registered architect with a doctoral degree in city and regional planning, Tony Sease brings an interdisciplinary perspective and broad expertise to the planning and design of sustainable communities. He has worked on scores of urban planning and urban design projects around the country and internationally, from regional planning to urban brownfield redevelopment, and from coastal resorts to dense urban centers. Advising on infrastructure, urban design, and transportation, Tony is dedicated to creating walkable, sustainable cities, towns, and neighborhoods.

Civitech founder Tony Sease has collaborated extensively with world-renowned leaders in urban design. Whether the task is infill redevelopment, neighborhood visioning, campus master planning, or reimagining a city street, Tony is often involved from the earliest stages of the project through design, approvals, and final construction. He works very closely with clients, engineers, planners, architects, city representatives, and review agencies throughout the process. Given the nature of neighborhood planning and urban design, this work often includes contributions over many years, revisiting neighborhoods and clients as projects evolve, needs change, and new opportunities arise.

Tony also taught for several years both graduate and undergraduate courses at the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University and at UNC-Chapel Hill in the Department of City and Regional Planning and the Institute for the Environment. Tony served for five years as an appointed member of the Location and Planning Technical Advisory Group of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) for LEED™. Lastly, Tony was a Knight Fellow in Community Building at the University of Miami in 2005, and is also certified by the National Charrette Institute.